Hot summer is coming. Are you ready?

I don't know if anyone is embarrassed by chairs in summer. The sultry heat and sweat brought by sitting for a long time are traced in their clothes. Especially the thick cloth cushion, click.... That scene can't bear to look straight at.

If you want a refreshing and comfortable summer, you need to keep your body dry and a chair with super breathable mesh fabric.

Summer temperatures are often between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius, or even higher. This causes the body to sweat and cool down in order to ensure the normal functioning of the body. A lot of sweat contains other substances, such as salt, grease and so on, which stay on the skin and do not leave, which leads to sticky and uncomfortable body when sweating in summer. In fact, this layer of sticky things in a short time is good for the body. If, people who are afraid of sultry and sticky feeling should pay attention to heat preservation, not too high, so that the body sweat will be less, but also drink more hot water. If conditions permit, it feels very hot. When the body is constantly warming up, it can also be wiped with water towel to lower the body temperature. If sweat is excreted less, there will be no feeling of stickiness.

Another problem is the chair. It's hot in summer, and the body's heat dissipation is not smooth. It also causes sweating. The embarrassment of the heavy cloth chair, who really knows how to use it? Together, they feel cool in their pants. Therefore, it is very important to choose some comfortable and breathable mesh chairs. The weaving process of mesh cloth usually leaves mesh lines, good air permeability and no hindrance to body heat dissipation. If you want to buy netcloth chairs, I recommend H&C's computer chairs. They are safe, high quality and inexpensive.